We are now more than 3000 users of the Ski-Mojo in France and some have expressed their wish to join together in the form of a Club to create a true community and enjoy certain benefits. Also, we are happy to announce the creation of Ski Mojo Club affiliated to the French Ski Federation. Becoming a member of this club open to all (skiers, snowboarders, users of the Ski-Mojo or not), is getting closer to each other to share his passion for mountain and skiing. It is also to benefit from many advantages and exclusive promotions: by becoming a member of a Club affiliated to the French Ski Federation, you will obtain your Carte Neige license. The insurance attached to it will cover you during your gliding activities but also during almost all your outings. The Carte Neige License also allows access to good deals negotiated by the FFS, for the purchase of equipment at club prices for example.

Joining the Ski Mojo Club will finally allow you to benefit from the Oui-Pass-Neige and USCA cards. These offer discounts of 5 to 35% (and sometimes more for groups) on the price of lift passes for more than 70 stations, but also on many other services (accommodation, transport, equipment rental, etc.). ). With these cards, the purchase of the package is done on the internet, without having to go to the checkouts (the card is then converted into a package). Finally, we will do everything to develop the practice of a ski “leisure”, allowing our passionate members to regroup, progress, discover new stations, new sensations, share good tips and good times together. Discover all the advantages on the Ski Mojo Club website:

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