01. Improves

02. Reduced
to pain

03. Protects
your knees

04. Increases

Improves performance

Multiply your skiing time by 4 times

Who has never dreamed of being able to improve their performance and ski longer with more intensity?


All those who enjoy skiing experience it every time they are on the mountain. Skiing puts high pressure on the muscles, knees, hips and back. When muscles are getting tired, it results in a loss of precision. When quadriceps are starting to brun, they are getting stiffer and are becoming ineffective. The risk of loss of control increases and errors can have serious consequences for oneself and others.

Some will say that if you want to improve physical resistance, you just have to train. And we can only agree. Skiing is a sport. Anyone who ventures on or off the ski slopes should be physicaly prepared. But this is often wishful thinking. The vast majority of skiers arrive in the mountains in bad physical condition. We ask our body to make efforts it is not used to, in conditions that are also unusual (altitude, cold, lack of sleep, festive atmosphere). We take risks without beeing aware. Every year, 150,000 of us end up in the emergency room with traumatic injuries that are more or less severe but will have long term consequences.

Even when you are in good physical shape and properly trained, the pleasure of skiing is insatiable and increases with intensity. The quadriceps will eventually start to burn (some of you will like this feeling) and it will be necessary to take a break to let the lactic acid level go down. Taking a break when you want to, to admire the landscape for example, is always positive, but a break imposed by fatigue breaks the rhythm. And some of us want to push our body to the limit, sometime even a bit too far.

By taking care of 1/3 of the body weight, the Ski~Mojo allows quadriceps to work less power and more endurance. Just imagine that you feel lighter. The stress on the quadriceps, which must contract to resist pressure or make you ascend (expansion phase) is less important. The gesture is the same, so the muscle works in the same way but saves energy (35 to 40%). This saved energy will actually be transferred over the duration of the effort. In other words, the Ski~Mojo user will feel lighter and will be able to make more turns or put more intensity and amplitude before feeling the rise of lactic acid and burning thighs.


The benefits :

  • Increases skiing time
  • Decreases recovery time
  • Improves technique
  • Reduces muscle pain
  • Reduces risk of injury
  • Increases comfort
  • Erases knee, back and hip pain

Don’t get us wrong, with Ski~Mojo, skiing is still a sport but rather than being a power sport, it becomes an “endurance” sport by multiplying the duration of exercise by 3 to 4 between each break, or by allowing you to ski longer in the day. All doctors, physiotherapists or physical trainers will confirm that the strength of muscles does not depend solely on their mass. Everyone will also tell you that in the context of a leisure sports activity, it is preferable to favour more repetitions at a lower intensity. The use of Ski~Mojo does not reduce the muscle mass of the quadriceps. On the other hand, a recent laboratory study by physiotherapy students showed that hamstrings were about 10% more used. Thus, by reducing the intensity of the quadriceps from 35 to 40% and increasing that of the hamstrings, the ratio between these muscles is greatly improved (27%) with the benefit of better protection of the anterior cruciate ligaments.
So, if you want to enjoy your days on the mountain, if you want to rip the powder all day long and get more fun that you ever had, if you want to have fun in the gates, if you just want to follow your children who are now more athletic and in better physical shape, in short, if you want to improve your performance to increase your pleasure, Ski~Mojo will undoubtedly be the answer to all your expectations. Don’t wait to try it and make your own opinion.

Reduced to pain

Press the activation buttons to set the Ski~Mojo on. The cable will compress the springs when the knees are bending. The power of these springs is very easily adjustable and if set to the manufacturer’s instructions, 1/3 of the body weight is taken care of by the system and transmitted directly from the pelvis to the boots.

You’ve certainly noticed that when you’re in motion in a series of turns, your feeling of weight is multiplied by a factor that will depend on the speed and radius of your turns. While a conventional knee brace provides only lateral knee support, Ski~Mojo will reduce by 40% the vertical pressure. This will mechanically lead to significant decreases in knee pain, even for many, a complete disappearance of these pains.

The springs also act as shock absorbers and absorb the imperfections of the terrain. Ski~Mojo also makes skiing softer if desired. A lot of customers are telling us it’s like skiing on a cloud. The stress on the hips and back is also relieved.

Since 2014 in France, 1,300 skiers have adopted Ski~Mojo and more than 90% have tried it before buying it. If you are wondering if it will be effective for you, we know that the answer will be YES in more than 95% of cases but if you are sceptical, try it and share your experience with us

Protects your knees


  • 8,000,000 snow sports enthusiasts in France
  • 52 million skiing days
  • 150,000 wounded per year, including more than 50,000 knee injuries.
  • 9,000 ACL injuries
  • Women over 25 years of age are 3.5 times more exposed than men to ACL injuries
  • ACL injuries are leading to accelerated wear of the cartilage and meniscus and increases the risk of ACL injury to the healthy knee.


Since 2008, two studies* have been carried out regarding the impact of Ski~Mojo on muscular activity, with the aim of determining the degree of objectivity of users feelings.

Thanks to electromyography, they were able to determine that with the Ski~Mojo:

  1. quadriceps work on average at 70% of their reference activity.
  2. hamstrings work on average at 110% of their reference activity.

The energy savings felt on the quadriceps’ work is therefore very real and quantified.

Several studies have also established the importance of the ischio hamstring/quadriceps (I/Q) ratio to protect the anterior cruciate ligaments. When analysing the results of EMG (electromyography), we note that the use of Ski~Mojo significantly improves this ratio (27%). This would reduce knee laxity and therefore protect the ACL.

Adding that fatigue is a factor contributing to the risk of injury to the ACL.  As it has been proven that Ski~Mojo reduces this fatigue, it is very likely that the risk of injury decreases proportionately.


Skiing being a sport in which the balance of the skier is constantly challenged, the study also focused on the influence of Ski~Mojo on the balance of the user.
By analyzing the balance management on a force platform, Moret and De Gunsch’s study found that in a static tuck position, the distance travelled by the centre of mass is shorter when using the Ski~Mojo. This would tend to show that the equipment also has a positive influence on the skier’s balance management.
However, it is difficult to conclude that when the skier is in motion, Ski~Mojo improves or significantly alters the skier’s balance management. Further studies are to be carried out in the coming months on this topic.

Increases Safety

In our everyday live, safety is one of the main concerns. Why shouldn’t it also be during winter sports?

In our daily lives, we are constantly concerned about the safety for ourselves and our loved ones. However, once we arrive in the mountains, we adopt risky behaviours and sometimes put our lives and the lives of others at risk sometimes without realizing it and unwittingly.

For the vast majority of skiers, the week in the mountains is certainly skiing, but it is also a holiday, with good meals and beautiful evenings with friends or family, which do not always end at reasonable hours. With 7 to 8 hours of sport every day on the slopes and not always with optimal physical preparation, here is a potentially explosive cocktail for most of us, rather risky.

Fatigue is one of the main causes of accidents and injuries. All the prevention messages invite skiers to train for minimum 1 month  before going to their favorite ski resort. But how many actually follow this advice. Our lives do not always allow us to devote the time we need to prepare for this.

Ski~Mojo allows all skiers to avoid accumulating excess fatigue and reduces the risks associated with practicing winter sports. The reduction in fatigue (caused by the lifting effect of a 1/3 of the weight, the rebalancing of the ischio hamstring/quadriceps muscular work, and moreover noted by users who no longer have aches and pains in the evening) allows both better control of trajectories and keeps the muscular freshness necessary to cope with emergency situations. As lactic acid is present in smaller quantities, the muscles respond more quickly and vigorously to stress.
Ski~Mojo also makes it possible to “load” and bend the ski more efficiently. On harder snow, this induces better support and more precise driving. The improved precision and strength of the support increases security. So next winter, be clever, ski safer!


Ski~Mojo is a device based on a technology using the power of a spring. The kinetic energy stored during knee flexion is restored during the extension phase by the decompression of the spring.

In order to maintain flexibility and fluidity, we recommand to adjust the spring power so that it takes care of 1/3 the body weight. However, it is very easy to adjust the assistance according to your specific needs.

The articulated system is connected to the boot shell and a comfortable harness.

The device, acting as an exoskeleton, is inserted in a neoprene sheath to keep it in place. Neoprene is not primarily used for lateral knee support and should not be too tight. It adapts to the morphology of each person (hip circumference, tibial and femoral length). The entire system is therefore comfortable. Users tend to forget it when skiing.

The ski ~ mojo benefits

  • Adapts to all adult morphologies
  • Spring power is not affected by temperature or altitude
  • Lightweight and compact, it is easily transportable in its elegant and compact backpack
  • Installed underneath the trousers in less than 2 minutes, it is invisible

The Ski~Mojo allows users to ski longer and avoids leg and knee pain and delays the fatigue normally felt.


Martin Hannaford

The Ski ~ Mojo is skiing what the turbo is to the car or what the electric motor is to the bike. It was imagined on the slopes of Courchevel but is made in Great Britain.

He is loved around the world by those who want to perfect their technique, extend their skiing day, reduce shocks and eradicate pain. This product is unique and its benefits have a positive impact on the lives of its users

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