WHY ski-mojo ?


The Ski~Mojo was developed over a number of years by a group of British skiers and engineers. Owen Eastwood came up with the idea when his thighs were “burning” after skiing for the first time in his 50’s. When he returned from his first ski-trip he set up a small team of engineers to come up with a solution to his “thigh-burn”: After many incarnations and names the Ski~Mojo was launched at the Manchester ski show in October 2007. The Ski~Mojo proved an instant success and won several awards including the prestigious “Winter Hardwear Award” at ISPO, the worlds largest Sporting Goods Trade Fair. 

Based on customer feedback the Ski~Mojo was completely re-designed by Martin Hannaford, the current Engineering Director, and Owen who was terminally ill was shown and approved the final pre-production prototype of the new design (which maintained the original product’s core fuctionality) just four days before he died. A all new design was launched a few short weeks later in October 2010 and was then dramaticaly improved in 2017.

Owen was keen that the Ski~Mojo would continue long after he had passed on and he hoped that happy skiers would occasionally raise a glass to “whoever came up with the idea for the Ski~Mojo”. So when you’ve had a great day on the slopes and in part it’s been down to the Ski~Mojo – remember to raise a glass to Owen…

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